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I think everyone can agree that we all hate the whole January/February mess and we are all in favor of March.  Thank you for coming and saving us, you wonderful, amazing month. <3

A New Meaning for Snow Days

I grabbed the bull by the horns, finally.  Two weeks ago quit my teaching job and started freelance writing.  For money.  I can’t quite voice how much of a dream this is/has been for me.  After all, almost every job I’ve ever had has pointed to writing, books, or something closely related to the two. I’m signing my first contract today.

One downside of this is that I don’t get to officially declare snow days.  There is no mandate that alleviates me from responsibility. In fact, I’m having to figure out when to stop, what to schedule, and how to balance — it’s all new-ish territory for me.  I’m definitely nervous about it, but if I take it one day/task at a time, it isn’t so scary and I’ve found that I’ve had these skills all along.

I realized this morning that I could just take a break and walk outside to take real pictures with my DSLR in the snow.  That beats babysitting high schoolers any day.

Here’s to a new adventure!

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